Wow how I miss Eudora, still (QuicKeys to the rescue)

Back in the day, not only did I have a configurable 6 minute delay on sending emails, but the keystroke to send email was Command E.

When I first looked at, I saw that the command to send email (Command Shift D) could have different meanings at different times, and decided right off that this was unacceptable.

QuicKeys is mapped to the menu command – Message Send, which means the only time I ever have to use Command Shift D is to resend a message from my sent folder.

The attached shows that I’ve done this 54,000 times since 2008 (on my primary computer) – I don’t think I could survive without QuicKeys, and am thankful for all the drama it seems I’ve missed.

Use QuicKeys?  Snag this shortcut here: Mail Send Command E

The next step would be to have a quickey disable Command Shift D totally – it can do that too.