Chasing time – why Chronomate works, and the hunt for something more

As an IT professional, there seems to be no way around tracking time. Either you bill by the hour, and have to track time, or you work for a company which wants to know who’s been where when.  (I’m sure there’s something in between, but I’m not currently looking for a job.)

In any case, when I needed a time tracker, I looked at a lot of them.  ChronoMate won hands down. It’s fast (opens with option-spacebar for me) holds multiple timers, even connects to multiple FreshBooks accounts if you need to (I do).

What I didn’t know right away was that if you click the “Hist.” button, ChronoMate provides a fantastic view into your previous entries. I use this to reconcile my hours spent, and editing entries is a breeze compared to the FreshBooks UI.

So, if you use FreshBooks, this $20 mac app is a no-brainer. If you don’t yet use FreshBooks, you might find yourself starting a trial, even if only for a free account in which you can store your ChronoMate-tracked time.

ChronoMate History

This history button is a simple view into your logged time.