SideTrash Lives again

For many years I’ve enjoyed SideTrash… but the way it’s posted only works on 10.6 and below.  I’ve posting it again in a way that works on 10.6+.

Why SideTrash?  Because it’s easier to drag a proxy icon to the trash in the dock, vs having to find it and delete it.

User Manual:

  1. Download from here SideTrash 1.2.dmg (2.4mb)
  2. Drag the SideTrash application to your Applications folder, etc
  3. Drag the SideTrash application to your Dock
  4. Take any file you’re looking at, and want to trash, and drag its proxy icon to SideTrash
  5. Close the file, knowing that wherever it was, it’s in the trash now.
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 as often as you like.

I didn’t write this, I’ve simply repackaged and signed the code written by Paolo Portaluri.

Across the Atlantic to South Africa

August 28th – I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Lee Balsdon with Apple Domination.

Lee’s spirit and determination is admirable, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to learn more about the South African culture of Mac support and care.

I’ll be reviewing Watchman Monitoring from across the ocean. What a treat.

Are you near Capetown? Come join us and make the connection.

MacTech VPN Presentation Notes


Here are my VPN related links


VPN Setup Guides


Slides?  Yes you get the slides – Contact MacTech Customer service if you need the link

Allen Hancock speaks at ASMC Austin 2014


Come hear me speak at the Spring ASMC conference in Austin, TX on May 14th. I’ll be discussing how to implement a Support Agreement Plan and explain the best way to collect recurring, billable, income.

If you are unable to attend, the notes from this popular topic will be posted here.

Also, as a special bonus, ASMC attendees who sign up for a Watchman Monitoring trial during the show can take advantage a show promotion.