Allen Hancock speaks at ASMC Austin 2014


Come hear me speak at the Spring ASMC conference in Austin, TX on May 14th. I’ll be discussing how to implement a Support Agreement Plan and explain the best way to collect recurring, billable, income.

If you are unable to attend, the notes from this popular topic will be posted here.

Also, as a special bonus, ASMC attendees who sign up for a Watchman Monitoring trial during the show can take advantage a show promotion.

“Appitalize your Ideas” with Justin Esgar

I’ve known Justin Esgar for years, and one thing I’ve always been impressed with is his ability to Get Things Done. From his SignMyPad app to his EmailPhoenix tool for Kerio Connect, Justin has been able to “Appitalize” on his ideas. As a part of his new book Appitalize your Ideas, I was interviewed regarding how Watchman Monitoring came to fruition.

Please enjoy this episode of his podcast, where you’ll hear the interview and get an inside look at Watchman Monitoring:

Appitalize Podcast: Allen Hancock – Watchman Monitoring

If you like what you hear, and want to offer a similar service to your end users, start a 30 day trial of Watchman Monitoring today.


Mailhub is an extension to Apple’s built in mail application ( )

This plugin was written by the fine folks at Dervish Software.  Once installed, it is configured via Mail’s Preferences

Mailhub has become one of the most important pieces of software on our computers.

  • Send and File: Every time a message is sent, Mailhub offers to auto-file the message and it’s reply into its proper folder
  • Typing Command Return can file a message where it belongs without any mouse action.
  • Quickly file all messages from a given sender or thread in one mouse action.
  • Displays who sent messages were sent to, regardless of which folder the message is stored.

There are more features, of course, as the project is being actively developed by the developers.


Thank you Dervish Software, I simply love easily filing messages in Apple’s Mail application!


PS If you used to use Eudora for your mail client, welcome home.
Mailhub is a great replacement for such a fine email application.