From 1996 to 2015, I made my living providing Macintosh focused IT support to home users and small businesses. During this time I’ve helped untold users get more from their computers, established workflows, and helped prevent downtime and data loss. In 2008, I had the idea to automate the data loss portion, and in 2010 launched Watchman Monitoring, with a mind to help other Mac IT focused professionals do the same. Since then, Watchman Monitoring has established itself in the market as the go-to for Mac Administrators who want to add Proactive Support to their break-fix based practice, or who want to provide the best in issue detection as they grow their MSP based consultancy.

With the sale of Mac Consulting Group, Inc. complete, I am able to focus my attention on the growth Watchman Monitoring. With hundreds of subscribers in twenty-one (21) countries on six (6) continents, we are helping tens of thousands of computers get proactive support. I’m incredibly proud of what my team has been able to accomplish.

In order to continue this growth, I am choosing to focus less on day-to-day consulting. I will still offer limited consulting, with Thursday earmarked for on-site visits as needed. Support is billed at $200 per hour, in 15 minute increments. On-site visits, have a one hour minimum, with time counted from the time I leave my office, until the time I leave yours. Additionally, membership in my Personal Support plan is required. (details below)

If you are not interested in this level of support, I encourage to visit our Provider Locator. Here, Watchman Monitoring subscribers opt-in to welcome new customers. These companies offer more traditional IT Consulting, and are better suited to be your primary IT support. Rooted Consulting owns what was Mac Consulting Group, and has any related notes on file.

Thank you all for being a part of my learning, growing, and for helping me become the Mac Admin I am today.


-Allen Hancock