Every link on this page is here because it’s a tool, service or piece of software I wouldn’t want to be without.

Most are affiliate links, and they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t worthy of being recommended.

Mailhub – Manage email in – don’t leave home without it!

MaxEmail – Send and receive faxes for $25 a year (to get the cheap pricing, sign up and look for the Chicago / 815 numbers)

DropCopy – Easily send files, and your clipboard, between Mac and iOS devices on your LAN

SnapNDrag – Simple, manageable screenshots that won’t leave your desktop a mess.

MigrationWiz – Fast, Cheap, Good – this solution combines all three.

LiveChatInc – A full featured web-chat integration.

1Password – Track and manage all your life’s secure data For iOS  For MacOS

Dropbox – Required for best implementation of 1Password in general

Calq – A free, fast calculator for your fingertips

Remote Support – Splashtop